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Ethics Services

Ethical behaviour is good business.  It is a leadership issue and the CEO must set the example.


Ethics, Culture of Integrity, Afiswitch and Candidate Screening

Comprehensive Reference Checking

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Psychometric Testing

Important component of our holistic candidate screening. Assess work ethic scientifically.  Screen smart, develop management potential.


EmployInsight has access to a variety of databases to assist employers with verifying a number of documents and statuses

Other Services

To augment our core service offering we have 2 different systems the EMi system and the integrated recruitment system.

Welcome to EmployInsight

At EmployInsight we offer our holistic approach and expertise to empower you on your journey towards Saving Money and Excelling in Business by making sure you hire and retain the best people.

Who are the best people? Those who have the skills, expertise, personality and integrity needed to do the job with maximum performance and minimum human risk to the company. 

How do you get the best people? By getting to know the applicant you are considering without wasting time or other resources. To achieve this, we employ a proven methodology of both pre-employment and post-employment screening processes as well as Ethics services targeted at training and assessing your organisation’s human risk.  This method offers a proactive solution to reducing the human risk of bad hiring and its consequences to organisational performance, culture and reputation.  

Ethics Risk Assessments
We can add extra focus to our pre- and post-employment screening once we understand the ethics risks (which include behavioural risks) present in your organisation. We offer EthicsInsight Risk Assessments, which is a multi-tasking product and can be used to:

  • Identify ethics risks and opportunities in your organisation as recommended by the King III report on Corporate Governance;
  • Inform an action plan for your ethics management programme;
  • Identify specific areas that pre- and post-employment screening needs to focus on for your organisation’s current culture and risk appetite;
  • Identify areas where ethics training is needed. 

Furthermore, we offer ethics training for private and public sector organisations. If EmployInsight is doing your organisation’s employment screening, we will be able to tailor make the Ethics training to your unique workforce’s needs. 

Other ethics services offered are listed here

Other Services

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Latest News

  • Society must demand politicians undergo lifestyle audits - David Makhura
    Society must demand politicians undergo lifestyle audits - David Makhura Aug 06, 2018

    Acting ANC provincial chairperson and Gauteng Premier David Makhura says some civil servants in South Africa may pass a competency test but would fail dismally in integrity and ethics.

    Makhura was speaking at the close of the Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation's inaugural three-day Inclusive Growth Forum on Sunday.

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  • How to retain employees with integrity
    How to retain employees with integrity May 25, 2016

    emmiCandice le Sueur  May 2016
    As an ethicist I’m always curious to ask clients, acquaintances and friends this question: Are you happy at work? It is an important question, since most of our energy and waking time is ploughed into work and frankly, we need to be happy in order to thrive. When the answer is “no” I poke and prod at what the reasons are.

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