The EMi-system delivers an online workflow functionality regarding the SLA. 

Thus, the client will be able to measure EmployInsight’s meeting of deadlines either in a monthly report or at a glance on the EMi-system.  It is compliant to information security and business continuity prinicples. Troublesome paperwork and the associated errors are a thing of the past. EMi makes it easy for you to issue requests and receive results. EMi also allows you to track the progress on the profiling of your applicant and has storage and report writing facilities. Because it runs on a widely accepted and compliant platform, it can integrate with your system.

Integrated Recruitment

With one of our partners, we offer an integrated recruitment, selection and assessment process for various business needs which are hosted on a single integrated web platform.

When clients want to advertise for a vacancy they can collect the data of the applicants themselves via their application process and after the closing date hand the collected data to us.Another option, and one that we prefer, is that the applicants populate their data directly onto our system as part of the application process as they apply for various positions i.e. work, learnerships, bursaries, etc. We will screen and pre-select candidates once the application process has closed as per the agreed job requirements from the client i.e. region, qualifications, work experience, etc. in order to narrow down the list of applicants to a "workable number" of candidates.

Once this has been done we will start to check the applicants credit records, ID checks etc. and provide the clients with a list of candidates whose records are validated as correct.

Once this process has been completed we will start the assessment process (usually 5 candidates are selected in order to find 1 successful candidate) The assessments (aptitude, interests, personality, etc.) is done in line with the job profile/criteria for the job and will be agreed with the client upfront before the process starts.

Once all assessments are completed by the candidates BEDS will provide the client with a merit list of the candidates ranked from the best suited candidate for the vacancy to the least suited, as per the criteria given by the client.The data collected during this process will be hosted on the servers but will be shared with the client whom pays for the service.

Forensic Investigations

If any of our clients have a need for forensic investigations, we can deliver a seamless service via one of our partners in this specialised field. 


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