Mirror, mirror on the wall... Is this person who they say at all? EmployInsight aims to take the guesswork out of making informed and sensible employment decisions by presenting you with a reflection of your candidate that integrates information from multiple sources.

EmployInsight understands that all job applicants present themselves in a favourable way to potential employers and it is only through in-depth background screening and reference checks with previous employers, colleagues and other referees that a more balanced and accurate reflection of the candidate’s profile emerges. We focus on Work Performance, Personality and Competencies, as well as ethical behaviour in the work environment.

Think of us as your partner in selecting the best candidate and remember that this is a sophisticated and specialised process affected by legal compliance requirements, industry-specific best practices, and evolving practical considerations. The sensitive nature of this work is top of mind for us, which is why EmployInsight will only proceed with these processes with the consent of the applicant.  

All professional reference checks are conducted by trained Social Science professionals who thoroughly interview referees, analyse and cross reference information obtained to identify inconsistencies, exaggerations and other anomalies or red flags. EmployInsight will present you with an accurate profile of your candidates so that you can appoint the best candidate.

EmployInsight specialises in providing an employee screening solution that is the most proven and accurate way to identify potential areas of concern, predict behaviour, enhance success, and to mitigate human risk in any organisation and industry. 

EmployInsight is the professional choice in mitigating human risk. Contact us today for assistance with:

  • Verifying candidate CVs
  • Identifying inconsistencies
  • Education reference analysis
  • Verifying candidate work experience, responsibilities, performance, personality in the work environment, competencies, ethical or unethical behaviour etc.
  • Work History references
  • Identifying potential concerns and red flags as possible human risk factors
  • Assessing compatibility of candidate skills with required competencies 


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