What is “Ethics in the Workplace?”
In a nutshell, Ethics in the workplace is about employees and organisational leaders making decisions and behaving in ways that are good for the sustainability of the business or organisation itself, as well as for the community in which it operates and the environment. 
Internally, ethics in the workplace is about creating awareness and understanding among employees of the guiding principles or values of the organisation and the individuals that make up the organisation as well as creating and maintaining an environment which encourages ethical behaviour and decision making. The main purpose of ethics is to serve the greater principle of “good”, but it has other operational advantages, such as creating an effectively calibrated and cooperative workforce which is characterised by employees who have integrity and an organisational culture that is rich in trust. Such an environment lowers human or behavioural risk and boosts employee morale. Ethics is a key tool in managing specific human risks such as fraud risk and reputational risk in the private and public sectors alike. 

In line with the King III report on Corporate Governance, we can assist you to build, monitor and report on ethics in the workplace. 
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What sets our Ethics Services apart?

  • Our 3T promise: Our Ethics services are Targeted, Tailored, and Tested.
  • Our holistic approach: Making Ethics practical, useful and meaningful in the workplace. 
  • Our service: Offering true insight and follow-through support to our clients. 

Ethics Services offered by EmployInsight:

     Identification of ethics risks and opportunities, using interviews, focus groups and surveys. Some of the benefits of an Ethics Risk Assessment      include:

    • Getting to know your staff, their views and beliefs regarding workplace ethics and attitudes towards leadership.
    • Finding out what your risk factors are for fraud and corruption: Are the targets structured realistically? Is management expecting untoward business dealings from their staff? Is staff morale low? 
    • Finding out whether your employees are aware of fraud or corruption in your organisation, and whether they know what to do if they became aware of it.
    • EmployInsight will also offer suggestions to mitigate the identified risks. 
  • Writing and reviewing policy documents
    • Value Statements
    • Codes of Ethics
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Whistle-blowing policies 
    • Gifts and Entertainment policies
  • Embedding ethics to combat misconduct, fraud and corruption
    • Assisting the internal audit function to assess and report on the effectiveness of Ethics Management Programmes
    • Assisting HR to create programmes for rewarding ethical behaviour and sanctioning unethical behaviour 
    • Assisting with setting up an Ethics Office
    • Assisting Social and Ethics Committees to perform their function
    • Assessments of personnel’s work values (such as honesty and integrity) using a scientific process. 


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