Psychometric testing is offered to clients as an important component of our holistic candidate screening process. It can also be used to assist our clients in making better talent decisions during the pre- and post-employment process. 

EmployInsight integrates the results of a candidate’s psychometric tests, including past and current behaviour patterns, and verified information from our comprehensive reference checks as part of our unique candidate screening process. In doing so, we provide our clients with professional insight into a candidate’s past performance, an impartial appraisal of current performance, and future potential of each candidate and employee.  We are of the opinion that it is the fairest process of pre- and post-employment selection for both the client and the candidate.

Benefits of psychometric testing:

  • A trusted, impartial process for both pre- and post-employment situations.
  • Provides analytical insight into the qualities and competencies of candidates and employees.
  • The pre-selection process assists our clients in identifying and securing talented candidates.
  • Psychometric testing reduces or eliminates the cost associated with selecting an unsuitable candidate
  • The process aids with accurately matching candidates to key positions.
  • Testing confirms the management style and leadership potential of employees prior to placing them in a managerial role.
  • Staff retention and growth is enhanced due to easier integration, reduced workplace friction, and greater motivation.
  • Psychometric testing can provide an accurate indication of the candidate’s personal integrity and ethical behaviour in the work place prior to an appointment.

Benefits of testing for ethical behaviour in the workplace and work ethic: 

  • Different levels of integrity tests can be applied in order to assess the various complexities and maturity levels of prospective employees in the context of your organisation’s culture.
  • Candidates who score high on integrity tests are more likely to be trustworthy, honest, responsible and conscientious employees. 
  • These individuals are also more likely to become involved in pro-social/ acceptable behaviour that is to the benefit of your company.
  • In contrast, people who score negatively on integrity tests are more likely to engage in a variety of counterproductive behaviours in the work environment, including poor timekeeping, absenteeism, dishonesty, fraudulent behaviour, interpersonal aggression, poor work performance, and more.

EmployInsight provides psychometric products which meet all the legal requirements, and which have proven to be reliable, valid and culturally inclusive. These psychometric tests are available online, or pencil and paper, for your convenience.  The test battery includes the following:

  • Aptitude
  • Personality
  • Competencies
  • Integrity 


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