Insights System

Our integrated web-based system
Insights has been developed over time to cater for our clients’ needs as well as our requirements to streamline the vetting process.

Insights is a purposeful designed platform to meet the clients’ and legislative requirements. All submissions will be requested electronically, and all results will be displayed on Insights. The system makes provision for communication between the user and our administrative staff, thus there is no need for emails, which ensure a clear audit trail.

Several principles are included by design:
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Aligned to the principles of the POPI Act
  • Data security
  • Ring fencing of client’s data
  • Access per mandate
  • Password protected

Data integrity is paramount, and we continuously seek better data sources or data brokers to provide an improved product and one with integrity to the client. Due to the volume of instructions we handle daily, we have some negotiation leverage and price preference at some providers. A variety of agreements are in place.

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Insights System

Our integrated web-based system


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