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To swifly adapt to continual uncertainty, you have to work with people you can count on, with the utmost certainty

EmployInsight advocates that psychometric testing is a powerful aid for hiring managers, as it assesses people on their potential growth and the ‘role versus fit’ requirement. That means people are not selected and promoted based only on their CV and experience. Psychometric assessments therefore offer a further way of validating a selection decision.

EmployInsight integrates Verifications, Reference Checks and Psychometric assessments to offer our clients and the candidate the best possible comprehensive option, and enabling a fair, scientific, and holistic approach.

Our psychometric assessments are tailored to the specific requirements of positions and ensure an unbiased and objective selection process.

  • Our methodology is applicable and enables cross-functionality on various levels.
  • This includes apprenticeships, learnerships, graduates, entry-level, positions, operational specialists, and the various managerial levels.
  • Assessment reports are aligned to role specific functions and competencies.
  • Reports address the needs linked to the assessment be it for selection, learnerships or potential for succession.

Psychometric Assessment Tools

Employinsight offers a basket of psychometric assessment tools in the following categories. The tests are interpreted by our own psychometrist.


  • Cognitive, Ability and Skills Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Competency Tests
  • Integrity/ Ethics Tests
  • Counterproductive Work Behaviour
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests
  • Resilience and Agility Tests
  • Sales and Call Centre Tests
  • Safety Assessment
  • Behavioural simulation exercises

The psychometrist usually provide clients with an executive summary where information is put in perspective.


  • The Psychometric Tests EmployInsight uses, are mostly administered online in a user- friendly format, which enables a national/international reach.
  • We adhere to Psychometric best practices and apply tests that have been found to be valid, reliable, unbiased and compliant with SA labour legislation.
Psychometric assessments will set your business up for success
Psychometric assessments will set your business up for success – enabling you to set your people up for success, by appointing and promoting them in the right position, where they can leverage their strengths to the maximum.

To successfully navigate through this new shapeshifting business landscape – marked by constant uncertainty, you need a workforce you can trust, with the utmost certainty, and that has the necessary flexibility to grow and adapt seamlessly and constantly .

In addition, your entire workforce must be functioning optimally. To this end, you need to make sure every new person you work with, is appointed in the right position and that every existing member is utilised suitably, in a way that unleashes his or her true power and potential.

Through leveraging psychometric tests and looking at them through a novel human behavioural and social scientific lens, EmployInsight can help you achieve all of this and enhance your human mitigation strategy with quantifiable scientific results that are transparent and repeatable.

What makes our psychometric assessment novel?

In the same way that the results of a blood test to screen for a medical condition holds little to no value unless it is interpreted by a medical professional, a psychometric test result on its own will not suffice, unless it is interpreted by a human behavioural specialist.

Whilst there are several online platforms enabling psychometric tests that automatically issue scores and reports, these reports do not necessarily measure the results against the predetermined objectives and requirements, and do not provide recommendations for the range of potential future scenarios.

Each psychometric test done through EmployInsight, is analysed by a psychometrist and a highly qualified human behavioural and social science professional, who has also successfully completed our stringent two-week internal programme to ensure a service of the highest standard.

A critical component of our psychometric assessments is that we also conduct an extensive range of integrity and ethical behavioural tests at different levels in the work environment. This enables us to pinpoint the test subjects’ stressors and triggers which in turn enables us to predict their future behaviour under a range of potential conditions and scenarios.

Key benefits of psychometric assessments

A psychometric assessment is a powerful tool for both human and pre-employment screening purposes, which can also be utilised to help you gain an improved understanding of your employees and co-workers, and support them to function optimally. The following provides a synopsis of how it can empower institutions to function effectively:

Build resilience

By definition, resilience speaks to an ability to effortlessly bounce back from any difficulty or swiftly adapt to changing circumstances. Global experts agree that this is the single-most critical trait for any business to survive and thrive in the constantly changing environment we find ourselves in.

Which is most likely what Charles Darwin meant when he referred to “the survival of the fittest.” In business, as in nature, it is those who are able to adapt to changes in their environment the quickest and most efficiently who will retain the upper hand. Businesses can only accomplish that, by constantly testing and building the resilience of their workforces.

Reduce stress and enhance productivity

Described as “a state of anxiety that can be caused by a wealth of both personal and professional issues”, stress has a direct impact on individuals’ mental health, which in turn has a direct impact on their productivity and overall behaviour at work.

The latest Stress and Health Disparities Report by the American Psychological Association (APA) for example, reveals that “stress results in accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, and direct medical, legal, and insurance costs, that cost the United States $300 billion every year”.

Utilising psychometric testing to understand your own stress levels (what we refer to as human risk), as well as that of your entire team, will enable you to implement mechanisms to reduce the impact of stressors and increase productivity.

Counteract losses, ensure optimal business gains

A psychometric assessment is a sure-fire way to determine whether future and existing candidates will display productive or counterproductive behaviour, especially when your business is under duress.

By productive behaviour, we mean conduct that positively contributes to the overall high performance of your business and by counterproductive behaviour, we mean conduct that negatively impacts your business through issues such as theft, fraud, and corruption.

Boost your people, boost your bottom line

Lately, there is a body of emerging research that proves that high-performing businesses are the ones who place their employees in positions enabling them to do what they do best. A recent article by Gallup Business Journal shares results from one such study that indicates that employees who use their strengths every day, are less likely to leave and are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. The fact that this has exponential impact on your bottom line, is a no-brainer.

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