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Ethics training should be targeted, tailor-made and deliver tangible results. EmployInsight offers Ethics training in accordance to these three principles in formats to suit any organisation’s needs. We take a holistic approach to making Ethics practical, useful and meaningful in the workplace. Training includes topics such as “The Basics of Business Ethics”, “Ethics Based Leadership” and “Ethical decision-making”.

What is the role of Ethics training in the workplace?
Ethics training in the workplace plays:

  • A preventative or risk management role: It can prevent misconduct, fraud and reputational damage.
  • A stabilising role: It can create a sense of harmony and unity in times of change or in the wake of critical events.
  • A developmental role: It assists in developing the moral maturity of employees which in turn leads to better decision making practices.  
  • A leadership role: The tone for the organisation is set at the top and leaders that are well trained in providing Ethics Based Leadership can inspire and influence the entire organisational culture by making ethically sound decisions. 


When is ethics training needed, who needs it and what does EmployInsight offer?

Ethics training is needed in the creation of an ethically aware workforce.  It is crucial to include ethics training in the induction process of new employees. 

  • EmployInsight offers specialised ethics training for induction groups that is based on the client organisations’ Code of Ethics, as well as training-the-trainer workshops for induction trainers.  

Ethics training is needed for maintaining an ethically aware workforce in your organisation. Refresher courses at regular intervals need to be offered to employees.

  • EmployInsight can present ethics training in the form of workshops, or can assist in developing online refresher courses. 

Ethics training is needed to continually improve the ethical awareness of your workforce. Staff members who are promoted to supervising or managerial levels should receive specialised ethics training in order to provide Ethics Based Leadership in their new roles. Directors need continuing development in the area of Ethics Based Leadership and Decision-making. EmployInsight offers Ethics training that is tailored for various levels of staff and in various industries. 

  • EmployInsight offers training that first assesses where individuals are in terms of work values and moral maturity and then tailors training to promote continual development. 

Ethics training is needed during or in the immediate wake of critical events that could lower staff morale or trust, such as negative media attention, fraud, sudden changes in top leadership, restructuring and retrenchment. In these conditions, ethics workshops play a key role to foster trust and create harmony in the workforce which in turn can lead to better cooperation and efficiency. 

  • EmployInsight offers a specialised ethics training package for critical events that includes a stakeholder engagement period, as well as an EthicsInsight survey.  

Ethics training is needed when a new Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct is launched, or in order to create awareness of an existing Code of Ethics. 

  • EmployInsight offers training based on a good understanding of the client’s Code of Ethics. 

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Afiswitch Criminal Verifications Training

On request groups of eight candidates or individuals can be trained to capture Afiswitch finger prints and to load it on the EMi system which is directly linked to Afisiwtich. All our trainers are Afisiwtich certified trainers. Refresher courses can also be provided. Training can be arranged at the Client’s sites, at our offices, or a mutually agreed premises.

Integrity Development Training / Culture of Integrity

Integrity in the world of work can be learned and developed by an individual notwithstanding the fact that they did not grow up in an environment where he internalised the positive value set. The training is dedicated to the process of developing integrity; and specially to rolling out a culture of integrity in an organisation. After nine months a psychometric test will determine progress made with developing the concept of integrity.

Training of Professional Candidate Screening

Specific training programme for individuals to conduct detailed pre- and post-employment screening or also known as Comprehensive reference checking.



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