Build an Ethical & Successful Business by Employing the Right People

Employ Insight performing a psychometric assessment on a candidate

Vision at Employ Insight

Our vision at Employ Insight is to help build ethical and resilient institutions by connecting them with ethical, competent, and resilient people through our screening process. We help to mitigate fraud and corruption with this proactive process.

Our Mission

Employ Insight’s mission is to prevent counter-productive behaviour in a company or business by assisting them in appointing only the best people.

Get an integrated view of the candidate with pre-employment screening & psychometric assessments in a single report.

Our Approach at Employ Insight

We’re the first Background Screening Company in South Africa to integrate Pre-Employment screening and Psychometric assessments in a holistic report. Employ Insight compiles a holistic profile of a candidate’s past and current behaviour and performance.

We combine pre-employment screening with psychometric tests to get a 360 view. Our cutting-edge approach is also a proactive step in mitigating corruption, fraud, and bribery.

A point of departure for minimising business risk is minimising human risk.

Benefits of Human Risk Profiles

Building resilient teams help build a resilient business with high integrity and ethics in the work environment. The comprehensive profiles will empower you to:

  • make informed decisions about whom to employ,
  • how best to leverage their strengths,
  • which service providers and partners to work with, and
  • how to build resilient leaders and teams.


If you want to offer these services for your company, we provide the following courses:

  • Background Screening
  • Fingerprinting

Entrepreneurs Training

A pioneering and cutting-edge approach to pre-employment screening.

Comprehensive Human Risk Profiles

We combine comprehensive human risk profiles for your suppliers, candidates and employees. Our cutting-edge approach fuses forward-thinking human behavioural science and social science with psychometric testing, background screening and verifications.
HR Services

Entrepreneurs Training

We offer First Time Entrepreneurs training to small businesses just starting.

Employ Insight Online Reporting Service

Our online reporting service is only available to our clients. Talk to us to get access to a powerful tool that can give you valuable insight into your employee data.
About Insights

Graduates going for a Psychometric assessment and to verify their graduations details

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