EmployInsight strives to provide real insight, not just information. For this reason, we dig deeper and look further when doing verifications than you might expect. This is our idea of service excellence.

EmployInsight has access to a variety of databases to assist employers with verifying a number of documents and statuses, as listed below:

  • CV Verification – Verifying whether a potential employee held the positions and responsibilities claimed.  The purpose is to expose inflated resumes and falsified employment histories. Some people inflate their abilities, position responsibilities as well as past work experience on their CV’s in the hope of securing the position they have applied for. This places the business in a position of weakness and has a negative effect on the workflow and company performance.
  • Credit Records Check - This information offers valuable insight into the applicant’s sense of responsibility as well as their financial track record. By reviewing credit records, you can identify if the individual, whether a potential employee or current employee is under financial pressure, which is important information needed for managing potential Human risk. Regular checks allow for proactive measures to be taken as and when needed. EmployInsight has access to multiple data houses including TransUnion and Experian.
  • Criminal Record Check - This provides detail regarding the candidate’s history of criminal convictions or pending cases. This information is vital in highly transactional environments. Via our system we are linked to Afiswitch and all results are stored per candidate profile.
  • Qualifications Verifications (SA & International) - Confirm qualifications awarded and indicate false or fraudulent qualifications.
  • In addition, the following can be verified:
    • ID Verification
    • ID Validation
    • Citizenship Verification
    • Permanent Residency
    • PSIRA Check
    • Deeds Search
    • Driver’s License and PDP
    • Accident History
    • Principle Trace
    • Directorship Verification
    • Media Searches – National and international information regarding the candidate
    • Memberships
    • CCMA cases


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