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Background checks is a holistic process to verify an individual’s personal information to make sure that the individual is open, transparent, and truthful about their credentials. The aim is to make sure that the candidate is who they say they are, including the authenticity of their qualifications, their previous positions, and previous employers, as well as determining whether their personality and skills are in line with the job profile.

Background Screening can also be conducted on a company’s Vendors and Suppliers.

We don’t look at different information to screen people for you. We look at this information differently.
EmployInsight offers the full repertoire of trusted, people and pre-employment screening tools. Our x-factor, however, lies in three completely unique components that are critical to effectively minimise human risk and mitigate corruption.

Firstly, we apply a social and human behavioural scientific lens to evaluate the information at hand, which naturally means that we look at the information very differently. Simply put, we are able to identify negative or counterproductive behavioural traits in reports, or information that seems “clear” or “positive” at face value. Our “ Profile of the Fraudster “ assists us in identifying possible traits that may lead to possible ‘red flags’.

Secondly, we are able to leverage the best combination of people and pre-screening solutions available, to compile comprehensive human risk profiles, which broadly speaking, leverages deep insights of past and present behaviour, to predict future behaviour. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we offer a comprehensive and holistic integrated report to empower you to make an informed decision immediately. We take the guesswork away by highlighting possible human risk behaviour, and our professional insight reflects in a conclusion, enabling clients to make the final decision.

Benefit of Background Checks

Conducting comprehensive background checks on candidates are critical for two main reasons; firstly because of how questionable information on curricula vitae (CVs) are, and secondly, because of the proven financial losses’ institutions incur due to ‘bad hires.’


CV’s alone are questionable.
It’s an irrevocable fact that the cost of appointing the wrong candidate in a position far outweighs the cost of comprehensive background screening.

For this reason, we at EmployInsight, follow an uncompromisingly meticulous and thorough approach to every single background screening profile we compile. Our integral differentiator can best be captured in the words of Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Whilst we may request all the same information from all similar verification agencies that recruiters typically use, we look at this information through a completely unique filter of social and human behavioural science, which may produce dramatically different results.

Counteracting human risk begins with identifying and eliminating counterproductive work behaviour.

EmployInsight compiles comprehensive human risk profiles, assisting businesses to eliminate counterproductive behaviour and instil a culture of productive work behaviour

What is counterproductive behaviour?
Employers should seek to hire individuals who are less likely to engage in any counterproductive work behaviours (CWB), and some pre-employment tests can help assess the likelihood that an individual is more prone to CWBs. Specifically, behavioural tests and integrity/honesty tests can help employers mitigate risk related to CWB’s.

CWB’s come in many different forms, but can include substance abuse, workplace bullying, absenteeism, workplace aggression, theft, fraud, sabotage, sexual harassment and tardiness.

What is productive behaviour?

Productive behaviour refers to human conduct that has a positive impact on the goals and objectives of your business, and that leads to improvements in performance, procedures, ethics, services, and products.

Human risk profiles can help to predict your business future

EmployInsight builds human risk profiles by blending proven human behavioural and social science with psychometric testing and pre-employment screening solutions.

Our aim is to investigate past conduct and understand present conduct to form an uncannily accurate prediction of future conduct. Most importantly, we seek to determine whether the candidate in question has that highly sought-after trait which we refer to as ‘the ethical factor’.

The ‘ethical factor’ speaks to that innate, internal moral compass that guides a person’s conduct and ensures that unquestionable integrity prevails, regardless of stressors and triggers. This is ultimately proven to be the difference between productive and counterproductive work behaviour.

Background Check Tools

Subject to requirement, EmployInsight can provide both employers and recruitment agencies with a range of bespoke solutions for verification of information, psychometric testing, and conducting background reference checks, for the purposes of profiling candidates. All these solutions can also be offered individually.

Reference checks / Comprehensive work enquiries

In the broad sense, the term ‘reference checking’ refers to contacting a job candidate’s previous employers and supervisors, to verify the accuracy of critical employment information. At EmployInsight, these reference checks are conducted by well-trained human behavioural and social science experts, not only to obtain the basics, but to also elicit and verify critical information on past and present conduct, which may impact a candidate’s future behaviour and performance.

The work enquiries include detail information regarding the candidate’s work performance and competencies, personality, and ethical behaviour etc. It will also include fit to position, management concerns, human risk behaviour and a conclusion.

CV Verifications

Verifying whether a potential employee held the positions and responsibilities claimed. The purpose is to expose inflated resumes and falsified employment histories. Some people inflate their abilities, position, responsibilities as well as past work experience on their CV’S in the hope of securing the position they have applied for. It places the business in a position of weakness, and has a negative effect on the workflow and company performance.

Whilst it is commonly known that recruitment is generally a significant operational cost of any organisation, the cost of employing the wrong candidate is not so commonly known.

The non-integrity of information provided in CV’s was recently highlighted again in the CV Uncover Report by Hedd, the UK Higher Education’s official service for candidate verification and university authentication. The report reveals the following key findings:

  • More than half of CVs (52%) had red flags in the form of discrepancies in employment history data.
  • A quarter (25%) had inconsistencies, of which 15% were related to academic achievements.
  • 83% of employers are convinced that some of their hires were untruthful about their degrees and qualifications.
  • 49% of corporates and 48% of SMEs encountered an applicant who lied about their qualifications.

Work History Verification

Employinsight confirms a candidate’s Previous Employers with Human Resources only. We verify the following: dates of employment as well as the candidate’s current and previous positions, main responsibilities, and reason for leaving, disciplinary warnings and ethical behaviour, re-employment, and reason why, as well as the reference position etc.

Integrated Report

All information obtained will be reflected in an Integrated Report, which will include possible red flags, strengths, development areas and a conclusion. We take the guesswork away by highlighting possible human risk behaviour and our professional insight in a conclusion, for our clients to make the final decision.

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