Background Screening

Preparation, in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and human risk, as well as learning from mistakes.

EmployInsight utilises a Cutting edge- method, that combines proven social and human behavioural science with conventional pre-employment screening tools, to help businesses minimise business risk, by minimising human risk.

Essentially, the secret of our pre-employment screening efforts is that there is no secret, just “preparation, in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and human risk, as well as learning from mistakes.” The legacy we aim to leave behind, is to pay this hard-earned knowledge forward by teaching recruitment and human resources executives, as well as recruitment agencies, to do the same. This four-week background screening course serves to accomplish exactly that.

Course introduction

The EmployInsight Background Screening course will enable you to blend advanced social and human behavioural science with conventional pre-employment screening methods, to identify ‘red flags,’ and detect potential human risk and counterproductive behaviour. The course also covers interviewing techniques, provides best practices and guidelines for writing candidate reports and looks at various insightful case studies.

Course information
This is a four-week course (two weeks consists of theory and two weeks of practical training) which can be presented onsite, or at a venue of choice.

Feel free to talk to us to request a quote or obtain more detailed information.


Learn to leverage the top national criminal record checking system, to minimise the risk of criminal behaviour in the workplace.

EmployInsight is a registered agent of Afiswitch, the top automated electronic criminal record checking system in South Africa. As such, we are able to provide institutions with training on how to take their own fingerprints onsite and submit it online for checking criminal records against the South African Police System (SAPS) database.

Apart from saving our clients the time and costs of having the fingerprints done elsewhere, our system is fully integrated with that of Afiswitch, which ensures a seamless, end-to-end solution, from capturing the fingerprints to receiving swift results – all on one user-friendly platform.

On request we can also facilitate the following:

  • Criminal record expungement for criminal records older than 10 years
  • Police clearance certificates that are required when applying for a position abroad.
More information
Our fingerprinting training and solutions for automated criminal record checking can be adapted to each institution’ unique requirements.

Feel free to talk to us to request a quote or obtain more detailed information.

First-time Entrepreneurs

A holistic solution to assist first-time entrepreneurs to take off successfully.

We offer a holistic solution to support the proven global shift to an entrepreneurial economy and help boost the chances of first-time entrepreneurs to succeed with the aim of alleviating to – unemployment and positively contributing to our socio-economy and economy.

To this end, we offer an entrepreneurial test which serves to first assess the entrepreneur’s state of readiness to embark on a business venture and identify areas for growth. From there, we offer a comprehensive range of entry level training modules that provide for all aspects of business, as well as the personal growth required to succeed.

Value of our first-time entrepreneur training
• Unlocks human potential
• Creates sustainable jobs
• Breaks down entry barriers of knowledge and technology
Knowledge is not a commodity
At EmployInsight we believe the integration of knowledge to solve the specific problems of entrepreneurs and how to integrate this in their own unique scenarios are not supposed to be a commodity, but something that must be accessible and personalised, a principle that is embedded in our training.

It concerns us that humankind has not succeeded in adequately integrating technology to help fast-track growth, personalise knowledge and identify and solve the specific problems of an entrepreneur, an issue which we also aim to address in our training.

Training phases
We have developed an expert nine-phase plan to address the unique challenges of first-time entrepreneurs. Each challenge has its own curated process to solve the problem at hand, and the process can be repeated for each challenge.

Phase 1: Needs analysis – your situation now, and where you want to go
Phase 2: Recommendation of a unique programme, custom-curated for you
Phase 3: Personal and business skills development – start your journey of learning and discovery
Phase 4: Interact with your mentor – help is at hand!
Phase 5: Interact with fellow learners – sharing, comparing, supporting
Phase 6: Receive personal one-on-one coaching
Phase 7: Measure your individual progress
Phase 8: Make learning a way of life – and reap the rewards
Phase 9: Get recognition – apply to get credits/accreditation for the training modules you completed

More information
Our first-time entrepreneur test and training modules can be offered individually, or as a whole.

Feel free to talk to us to request a quote or obtain more detailed information.

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