Safeguard Your Business Future

Do you trust your employees?

Do you know who to employ or promote to a specific position?

Have you had some scary incidents when employing people?

With fraud at an all-time high, you should protect your company!

    You might be unsure who to trust! 

    • Maybe you trusted your gut before when employing someone and were blindsided when they turned out to be a fraud!
    • Did you employ or promote someone and then find out they gave you falsified documents? Who can you trust now?
    • Can you trust your staff with the utmost certainty?
    • Are your employees flexible and able to grow and adapt constantly?

    Do you want to navigate the business landscape successfully without the constant uncertainty?

    Appoint and promote the right people the first time!

    The future of your business lies in your employees, the people you appoint and how you handle your current employees.

    EmployInsight can assist you in achieving all that. We can help you improve your human resource strategy with proven results.

    We employ scientific and interpretative methods to give you transparent and repeatable results.

    Unique interpretation report

    We offer extensive integrity and ethical behavioural tests at different levels in the work environment. We interpret the results by combining human behavioural and social scientific methods.

    Psychometric assessments are the best predictor of job performance.

    It can assist with face-to-face interviews if you have access to underlying information. You can ask the right questions to assess the person in the interview. Evaluate the candidate based on what is required for the position rather than their interviewing skills.

    Save time and cost across the recruitment process and highlight candidates’ abilities rather than just experience and education.

    Think out of the Box!

    Improve your decision-making with objective data. It’s a more scientific approach than a typical interview.

    Combining and integrating Psychometric assessment with actual behaviour over some time is the best and most fair process for the candidates and the employer.

    This powerful combination will help you make the best decisions based on the relevant data.

    Download the brochure to learn more about Psychometric tests and how EmployInsight work to help you succeed, or request a quote.