Polygraph Examinations

Truth is the Cornerstone of Trust

Polygraph examinations detect lies and determine truthfulness, the cornerstone of trust.

EmployInsight facilitates polygraph examinations in collaboration with recognised polygraph institutions. All studies adhere to the Constitution of South Africa and meet the Regulations, Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct of the Polygraph Examiners Association International (PEAI), American Polygraph Association and the Southern African Polygraph Federation.

Example of Polygraph Examinations
Use Polygraph Examinations to extract the truth from your staff and candidates

What is a Polygraph Examination?

Also known as a “Lie Detector Test”, a polygraph examination measures numerous psychological indicators of the person examined, such as blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. The test measures the person’s response to a set of questions, detecting whether the person is lying or being truthful, using several questioning techniques.

What are polygraph tests used for?

  • Periodic screening of employees,
  • Pre-employment screening,
  • Specific issue examinations,
  • Disciplinary examinations, or
  • Infidelity examinations.

What value do Polygraph Examinations Bring?

What is the value of a polygraph examination as part of the background screening?

  • It augments the results of any integrity test,
  • It’s a valuable direction for background screening interviews,
  • It provides feedback from the polygrapher regarding the candidate’s behaviour and admissions, and
  • It’s an additional tool for collecting information.
HR manager welcoming a new staff member after doing Polygraph Examinations